Voted the Best Toning Programs in Severn, MD.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who wants to shed a few pounds, a new mom who wants to get back in shape, or you’re brand new to fitness, Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios is for you. We offer the best toning programs in the Millersville, MD region. Voted eight times as the Best Personal Trainers in the area, our rock star professionals motivate you to get the job done, expertly and safely.
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The Benefits of Toning Programs

The fitness professionals at EIF are passionate about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When you choose our fitness studio, you’ll work with a trained and experienced expert who will guide you through every rep.

Forget about ambivalent trainers, crowded gyms and dirty equipment. At EIF, your trainer will optimize the time you spend at the gym and focus exclusively on you. At EIF, you will get the results you deserve!

Everyone knows that strength training and cardiovascular exercise benefits your appearance. But did you know that the toning programs at EIF also:

1. Address the five essential aspects of fitness  — The Body of Excellence™ is the only fitness program of its kind to provide five physical benefits: strength, flexibility, endurance, body composition and injury prevention. Your muscles will be leaner and toner, but you’ll also be stronger, fitter and healthier. 

2. Reduce your risk of injury and overcome existing injuries — Strong and flexible muscles make you better able to
avoid accidents and perform your daily activities. Gain full range of motion at EIF!

3. Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, including insomnia — Exercise is a proven mood booster. It’s also proven to help people fall asleep faster and avoid annoying wakeups.

4. Improve your confidence and self-esteem — When you look fit and have more energy, your confidence will shine
    through! Our fitness professionals motivate and guide you every step of the way, until you’ve reached your goals. Then, we’ll push you more.

5. Boost your metabolism and sex drive — Lean muscles burn more calories, and that makes shedding pounds and maintaining a healthy weight easier. And with a firm, toned physique and a confident smile, it’s no wonder your sex drive is healthy!
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No-nonsense Training for Beginners and Experienced Clients

Make the commitment to give it your all at EIF, and we guarantee you’ll see theresults you want. All it takes is total focus during your regularly scheduled 1-on-1 workouts, and your trainer will guide and motivate you every step of the
way. From sharing the best techniques and assuring proper form to pushing you to achieve more, you’ll get all the support you need. We’re passionate about fitness, and we’re ready to help you get the results you deserve.

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