Flexibility Training at Millersville's Favorite Fitness Studio 
At Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios, our rock star professionals know just how flexibility training benefits your results. A lean physique and strong muscles may look good, but when you can’t move through the full range of motion in the studio or in life, you’ll never reach your full fitness potential. Schedule a consultation and demo workout at EIF to find out how a customized flexibility training program will benefit your fitness. 

 The Importance of Flexibility Training

As you grow older, your body loses it's natural flexibility - and that causes serious consequences. Reduced flexibility leads to loss of mobility, and loss of mobility leads to atrophying muscles and lower energy levels. It can also lead to accidents and injury, as well as chronic pain. The award-winning Body of ExcellenceTM training plan at EIF incorporates flexibility training as part of the five essential areas of fitness.

The benefits of flexibility training include:

1. Reduced risk of injury - Your ability to move through a complete range of motion when working out — or even putting away the groceries — influences the chances that you’ll wind up with a sidelining injury. Better flexibility reduces the risk of injury, whether during activities of daily living or an intense workout.

2. Better aerobic and strength-training performance — Better flexibility means you’ll have an easier time running, swimming, lifting weights, climbing stairs, holding yoga and Pilates poses, and more. That brings your training to the next level.

3. Improved physical recoveries following tough workouts - Deep stretching of warm muscles reduces built-up stress and relieves tension. It also improves posture and maximizes joint movements.

4. Improved well being - Yoga practitioners know how valuable flexibility and stretching is for their peace of mind. Flexibility helps you in every aspect of your life!

You Deserve Excellent Results

EIF is the top fitness studio in Maryland because our Body of Excellence™ program maximizes the time you spend working out. Forget about crowded gyms and dull trainers who just count reps. Our fitness professionals are rock stars, and we give you the high-intensity, no-nonsense, 1-on-1 training you deserve. Make the mental commitment to work with an EIF professional, and you’ll get the results you want — guaranteed.

At EIF, you can:

 1. Lose weight and increase lean muscle mass - Your trainer will customize a fitness plan that meets your specific goals, and helps you reach your full potential as safely and quickly as possible.

 2. Get Healthy - Who wants to take medicine for blood pressure or type II diabetes? Study after study proves the incredible benefits of exercise on chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and type II diabetes. When you work with professionals at EIF, you won't just look great on the outside, you'll be healthier on the inside, too.

 3. Work with a rock star trainer 1-on-1 who takes your goals to heart — From the moment you walk through our doors, your trainer will focus on you. Kick the bland gym experience to the door and work with the eight-time Best Personal Trainers instead!

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Whether you’re brand new to fitness, or you’re an experienced athlete, you’ll get the results you deserve at EIF. 

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