EIF “Shared” Fitness Training With Friends (& Family)

How Does the Friends & Family Workout Plan Work?

Every “Body” wins! Purchase a quantity-discounted package of 1-on-1 workouts and split them up however you choose. Each friend or family member gets his or her own personal trainer and individual customized schedule to be held accountable to getting the quickest and safest results possible.

Achieving health goals is easier when the people we love are right there with us, encouraging us as we encourage them to live a better lifestyle. This is true for everything from the snacks and meals we eat to how we exercise and treat our bodies.

Together with your friends or family members, you can make positive changes to the way you approach your health and achieve that happier, fitter you. Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios has discounted packages to share with friends, spouses, children, grandchildren and grandparents. Having mutual goals makes it easier to stay on track, hold
each other accountable and have a successful and more rewarding experience.

Also be sure to ask us about fitness for friends and families designed to specifically reach the health goals and needs of older adults, parents, teens and young children.
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Everyone Needs Activity

A consistent exercise plan is crucial for the growth and continued development of each and every one of us. At EIF, we believe fitness training for friends and families makes it easier to get this exercise and create habits that last a long, healthy lifetime.

You’re not just fighting weight or heart disease with a shared fitness plan. You’re giving your loved ones a proven way to fight stress, improve critical thinking and respect who they are. Activity allows young people to learn, test and surpass boundaries while still adhering to rules. Scheduling 1-on-1 recurring personal fitness appointments is the best way to turn it into a habit that will have a long-lasting positive impact on everyone’s lives.

Workout plans for friends and families establish a lifelong routine of fitness and creates time for enjoying each other as well as building a holistic bond that is repeatedly strengthened and encouraged.

Benefits Outside the Workout

Improving your support system through family fitness training can improve everything you
do each day.

Social support is important in every aspect of our life, and research shows that sharing more together creates better health in other scenarios. This includes getting the medical help we need, asking for emotional support and sticking to practices that can make us feel better. The Johns Hopkins Center to Eliminate Cardiovascular Health Disparities specifically found that social support leads to people:
- Getting regular exercise

- Making healthier food choices

- Keeping up with smart medical decisions such as taking medicine regularly

- Keeping more medical appointments

- Better monitoring of their health statistics, such as blood sugar and pressure

That’s on top of other research noting that friends and family members hold us accountable to making goals and achieving results. Together, you can become healthier by giving each other the motivation you need right when you need it.
Join our fitness training for families to experience an exercise program that’s more fun for everyone and saves you money
at the same time!