If you've been with EIF long enough, you know the effects of our Body of Excellence programs... that wonderful feeling of improved body composition, increased strength and probably a zillion other healthy benefits. It's fantastic, isn't it? So share that feeling with your friends...and save them some money too! 


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Our clients love to share their satisfaction with our Body of Excellence™ program with friends and family. Now, we've made it easy for you to get the word out!

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Body of Excellence™ programs.

Referrals get $100 off Body of Excellence™ BX50, BX100 or BX150 programs upon signing.

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Receive $100 cash for each referral who signs up for any Body of Excellence™ BX50, BX100 or BX150 programs before October 16, 2015. Get $50 cash per referral after that! No CAP, so refer away!

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