Eight Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Everyone knows that more exercise and fewer calories leads to weight loss. But your metabolism plays a big part in the weight loss process. If your body burns fat and calories faster, it becomes a more efficient machine, which makes you healthier and weight loss easier. As you get older, it becomes even harder to get your metabolism going and it becomes even more important to know how to boost metabolism once you move past age 50.

Here are some tips on how to jumpstart your metabolism naturally along with some specific thoughts on how to keep your metabolism going strong after 50.
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1. Drink More Water

A German study found that volunteers who drank 500 ml of water saw their metabolic rate rise by about 33 percent in ten minutes and stay that high for another 30 or 40 minutes. Researchers estimated that an extra 1.5 liters of water a day could burn an amazing 17,400 extra calories a year — or about five pounds’ worth.

2. Eat High-Protein Foods

One thing that happens as you get older and push past 50 is you lose muscle tone. Protein builds muscle and helps you regain some of what you’re losing. Protein-heavy food is also harder to digest and causes your body to burn more calories as it does. High-protein foods are filling, as well, so eating a high-protein diet can help you feel less hungry.

3. Eat Greek Yogurt

All yogurt is a metabolism booster, but Greek yogurt has twice the protein of regular yogurt, making it even more effective at getting your body going.

4. Eat Spicy Foods

Adding spice not only gives food some great flavor, but they are also known metabolism boosters, so be generous when cooking with spice!

5. Interval Training

Interval training can confuse your body, so it keeps burning calories even when you’re not working out.

6. Eat Small, Frequent Meals

Our society is geared for eating a few big meals during the day, which is counterproductive if you want to lose weight. If you eat a big meal and then wait a long time for another one, it will signal your body to slow down and take its time digesting that meal so it will last.

But if you eat small, frequent meals, your body will get used to the idea of burning what you have because there’s another meal right around the corner.

7. Healthy Amounts of Coffee and Unsweetened Teas

Caffeine is another metabolism booster for people over and under 50. Enjoy it in moderation and without loading it up with sugar for another great diet aid.

8. Weightlifting Plus Cardio

Cardio gets your heart rate up and weightlifting builds muscle. They make a great combination for metabolism boosting for all ages.

For more tips on healthy and natural weight loss for health-conscious people of any age or to get started on a great weight loss program, visit the Excellence In Fitness blog or contact EIF now to schedule a free consultation.

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