The Importance of Adding a Flexibility Training Program

You can live a healthier, balanced lifestyle by giving your muscles the same goal. Discover safe and lasting training results by focusing on muscle flexibility to increase your overall performance, reduce the risk of injury and pain, and much more.

The professionals you’ll find at Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios can help you include flexibility training routines in a comfortable, private program designed to maximize the return on your efforts. Join EIF and unlock your potential for a more balanced, holistic life.
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 The Benefits of Flexibility Training Programs

We’ve all been told it’s good to stretch as part of any exercise — from a jog around the neighborhood to a full day of strength training — but we’re not always told why. EIF professionals recommend stretching and a broader flexibility training program, and we wanted to tell you exactly why and how it’ll have an amazing influence on your overall health:

The benefits of flexibility training programs include:

1.  You’re less likely to experience pain - Flexibility training programs focus on the whole body and can get everything on the same page. Much of the pain we experience during our daily lives occurs as muscles try to adjust to an imbalance. Muscle flexibility training maintains joint and muscle mobility, reducing the abnormal stress that may cause pain seemingly out of nowhere.

2. Muscles aren’t as sore - Stretching out a muscle after a workout or a day of standing on your feet can help reduce tension and soreness, minimizing pain signals and helping your muscle recruit new tissue to become stronger.

3. Muscles can work better - According to the Harvard Medical School, well-stretched muscles have an easier time achieving their full range of motion when you stretch. This gives you an easier time doing any activity, from swinging a golf club to bending down as you take care of your garden.

4. It helps you increase strength - Strength comes from your muscles having the right relationship between length and tension. The importance of flexibility training is that it stretches and lengthens your muscles over time, allowing you to improve the relationship and generate strength more efficiently.

5. Better body control - Flexibility training routines strengthen joints and muscles, giving you more precise control over your body whether you’re turning sharply on a run, lifting weights or cutting up a healthy snack in the kitchen.

6. Fewer injuries during your workout - Stretching your muscles is a top way to minimize the risk of an injury during any strenuous activity. It helps you maintain proper posture during your workout and properly balances the tension that muscles place on your joints. The greater your flexibility, the less likely you are to overextend — which is one of the most common causes of injuries.

Flexibility Training Program to Be Your Best Self

The goal of EIF is to help you reach your goals for personal fitness in the safest and most efficient way possible. Our professionals are here to empower you and create a fitness routine that leaves you feeling good about yourself and your health goals.

Take charge of your health and learn more about strength and muscle flexibility programs at EIF when you sign up for a free consultation along with a demo workout at EIF today.

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