The Best Exercise Programs in Maryland.

For eight years in a row, Millersville-area residents have named Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios as the Best Personal Trainers in our region. That’s because our rock star fitness professionals maximize your workout time with customized, focused guidance and motivation. Whether you’re new to fitness, you want to lose a few pounds, or you’re an
elite athlete, you can achieve peak performance at EIF.

The fact is that you’ve got one chance to get your life right. Isn’t it time you got serious about your health and well being? Learn more about our award-winning Body of Excellence™ customized training plans and bring your fitness to the next level.
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What We Do

EIF is the only program in the Severn, MD region that incorporates all five aspects of fitness into each and every customized exercise program. Our exercise programs include:

1. Strength training — Strong muscles look firm and sexy, but they also torch calories, reduce the risk of chronic disease and reduce the risk of injury. Without strength training, your muscles naturally weaken over time, and that limits your ability to live an active, independent lifestyle. Whether you want increased size or leaner muscles, EIF can help.

2. Endurance training — Did you know that your heart is a muscle and needs its own specialized training? Cardiovascular exercise strengthens your heart and helps your body operate efficiently. Cardiovascular fitness plays a huge role in your energy level. It also reduces your risk of heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.

3. Flexibility training — Flexible muscles not only help you avoid injury, but they also improve every aspect of your strength and endurance training regimen. That’s because flexible muscles enable your body to move through a full range of motion. Flexibility training also makes the activities of daily living easier, such as putting away the groceries.

4. Body composition training — Just because you’re slender, doesn’t mean you’re fit. Fat that surrounds internal organs contain toxins that cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer. At EIF, you won’t just get thin — you’ll get lean.

5. Injury prevention training — For older adults or individuals who are recovering from an injury, regaining strength, flexibility and endurance is essential to avoiding future health problems. Our balanced exercise programs help you regain fitness.

Achieve Your Best Body of Excellence™ 

You're the only thing holding you back. When you choose EIF, you’ll work with a professional who will motivate and guide you to reach your goals. And when you’ve reached your goals, we’ll push you even more.

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