The Best Endurance Training Program in Maryland

Whether you’re training for your next Ironman or ready to run your first 5k, the endurance training program at Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios is the right place to turn. Our rock star trainers maximize the time you spend in the fitness studio by getting right down to business.

You’ll get a customized plan that gives you the biggest results, as safely and quickly as possible. When you want to train stronger, longer — or you simply want to boost your energy level — EIF is the best place to train for endurance in
Maryland. Period.
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The Benefits of Endurance Training

The endurance training program at EIF blends five key aspects of fitness to give you the results you want. Cardiovascular exercise trains your heart to pump harder for longer and your body to use more oxygen to create energy more efficiently. Strength training increases your lean muscle mass, making you better able to burn calories, even when you’re at rest. And because we incorporate principles of flexibility, body composition and injury prevention in each Body of Excellence™ routine, every aspect of your health and well-being will improve.

Endurance training can:

1. Give you a faster metabolism —     Cardiovascular exercise torches calories and makes your body better at burning fat, even when at rest. You’ll lose fat more easily with workouts at EIF. 

2. Best your energy — You might start feeling winded after your first 5k. But with a regular fitness commitment at EIF, you’ll push yourself beyond your goals to reach limits you never thought possible.

3. Improve your cognitive ability — Have you ever noticed you do your best thinking when you're jogging, biking, walking or swimming? That's because endurance training improves circulation and enhances cognitive function.

4.  Boost your self-esteem and confidence — Exercise is a proven mood booster and depression
fighter. Feel confident and secure when you make training a lifestyle priority!

5. Improve your sleeping habits — When you go to bed after a training session at EIF, you’ll fall asleep faster. You’ll also enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

6. Lengthen your life — Cardiovascular and strength training prevents disease and improves the symptoms of chronic, life-threatening conditions such as type II diabetes and high blood pressure. Endurance training also reduces your risk
of developing cancer. When it comes to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle, put endurance training at the top of your priority list.

Get Serious About Life at EIF

Our clients include elite athletes, weekend warriors and people of all ages who are new to fitness. It’s never too late to be your healthiest self possible. Isn’t that what you deserve?

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