Core Training Program

Core Training for Men & Women

Your trunk, or “core” muscles, affect your entire body’s ability to perform even the simplest everyday tasks. Whether your motion originates in the core — such as a sit-up — or starts someplace else — such as running — the effects of the movement flow through your trunk.

The core strengthening program at Millersville’s Excellence In Fitness Personal Training Studios will build strength and flexibility in the muscles you need to achieve peak fitness. That’s why the Body of Excellence™ training plan is the best core strengthening program in the Millersville, MD region.
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What Does a Core Strengthening Program Train?

The muscles that support your spine are the muscles of the core. These include all of the abdominal muscles, including the rectus abdominus and the transverse abdominus. When you have low body fat and strong abdominals, these are the muscles that create the “six-pack.” These muscles support your lower back and make it easier to retain perfect posture — and that can eliminate back pain. Do 50 stomach crunches or prone leg lifts, and you’ll feel your abdominals kicking
into high gear.

The core muscles also include the internal and external obliques. The obliques help your body twist back and forth. Tight, lean obliques narrow your midsection and give your waist better definition. Hold a side plank for 30 seconds, and you’ll feel your obliques burning!

The erector spinae and the multifidi support your spine during motion. If you’ve ever felt the muscles in your lower back strain from bending backward, you’ve felt the action of erector spinae and the multifidi.

The Benefits of Core Training

The core stabilization program at EIF will help you perform better during workouts and at home. The benefits of core training include:

1. An improved ability to perform the activities of daily living - If you’re a man or women over 50, you need core strengthening to stay fit.

2. A life free from back pain — A weak core translates to back pain for many out-of-shape people. Work with a rock star trainer and live an active, pain-free lifestyle. Enjoy better posture, too!

3. More fun for you — If you like swimming, biking, kayaking, golfing, tennis, baseball, running, volleyball or nearly any other sport, core training is essential to maintaining your competitiveness and natural athletic ability.

4. Better balance in tough conditions - A strong core makes it easier to avoid losing your balance, and that reduces your risk of injury. Move in and over rough terrain more easily, especially during hiking, running and biking.

Win at Life With a Personalized Fitness Plan

Aren’t you tired of operating at half-speed? The professionals at EIF will optimize your workout time. We’ll motivate and guide you through a customized workout plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals — guaranteed.

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